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We offer a variety of adventures from cubing down the Chippewa River to GPS Navigation and Prospecting

These can be offered any day of the week.

The Cubing adventures down the Chippewa can be up to 5 hours in length. Participants need to supply a PFD, we supply the cubes.

$60.00 for Half Day 

$120.00 for Full Day.


GPS Navigation> Learn how to use a Garmin Gps with a compass. We do this locally. You also learn how to use your laptop to plot your route.


PROSPECTING> Head to the hills with us to find some copper! and maybe some gold!

Map & Compass & GPS Navigation

GPS Map & Compass Course takes place over 2 days in the Batchawana Bay Area.

  • Day 1: Learn how to navigate with a Silva Ranger Compass and how to read a map.
  • Day 2: Learn how to navigate with a Garmin GPS.

Classes are limited to 4 participants. Each student gets a GPS and a compass to use during the course.

Cost: $150.00/person.



We are also offering this course through Sault College continuing education program. Call the college to register

ATV Guiding in the Batchawana Bay Area

We will be once again be offering Guided ATV tours in the Batchawana Area in 2012. A variety of places can be visited including old mine sites and Agawa Canyon.

A Per/Kilometer Fee is charged and is dependent on the number in group.


Snowmobile Guiding
Winter 2012-2013

We can guide you from Batchawana Bay to Montreal River, Agawa Canyon and beyond beginning in late December.

We have been exploring the old trails and road systems since 2000 and have many wonderful sites to show you. All day trips, overnight trips, and loop trips back to Highway 17 are available.

We begin all trips from the roadhead on Highway 17.

Participants are to supply their own snowmachines. We supply the guide and the trailside campfires.

A flat rate per Kilometer is charged. Rate depends on number of snowmachines in the group.


Snowshoeing (Day Trips)

Spend the day snowshoeing and learning about the winter environment, animal trails, and Lake Superior ice formations. Try several different types of snowshoes. Ascend to the summit of a local mountain.

  • Date: Any day depending on availability of Instructors.
  • Cost: $100/day/person
    Discount for group of 4 or more.
  • Options: Choice of area where we will snowshoe. Map and Compass as well as introduction to GPS navigation can be added to this program.
    Evening snowshoe trek with headlamps also available.
  • Group Size: Minimum of 2, Maximum of 6 per Instructor.


Overnight Backpacking & Camping

We will plan, organize, and lead you on an overnight or multi-day backpacking trip. As your guides we will prepare your meal, set up your tent, and be your "sherpa" as well! These trips are offered to:

  • Coastal Trail (any length)
  • Agawa Falls (2 days)
  • Agawa Canyon (2 day hike in, and then we catch the train back to Frater station on the third day after exploring the Canyon)
  • Batchawana Mountain (2 days with campsite on the summit plateau)

Cost: $125/day/person.
Train, food and transportation not included.


Highway Geology Tours

For the last few years we have checked out some rather interesting features including but not limited to pillow lavas, flow lavas, copper veins, amygdaloidal basalts and a series of other unique formations. We begin our journey at the Chippewa Falls in Batchawana Bay and end at Alona Bay Beach off Highway 17, near Montreal River Harbour.

This trip is approximately 4 hours in length.

Cost: $80.00/person.


Geology of the Batchawana Area

We start in Batchawana Bay at the Chippewa Falls then head north to check out the old Coppercorp Mine and many of the old copper showings. We then visit the Tribag minesite and finish our tour at several smaller old showings.

This trip is approximately 5 hours in length.

Cost: $140.00/person.


Chippewa River Cubing Adventures

You have most likely heard of rafting, tubing, canoeing, and kayaking. We have invented a new form of river transport called "CUBING".

Join us for a unique floating experience at the casual current pace of the Chippewa River in Batchawana Bay.

Trip lengths range from 2 to 7 hours (your choice). Prices based on 2 participants

$80.00 Half Day

$120.00 Full Day

We supply the cubes and the guide. You supply the group, chair, cooler, and cameras. All participants supply their own PFD. give this unique adventure a try while you're in the area!


Day Hikes

Join us as we begin the journey to visit some of our "secret" spots. Day hikes include pack lunches. We hit some of the trails we have discovered in the last few years. These include:

  • Theano Point Mine
  • Ranwick Mine
  • Montreal River Gorge
  • Skyline Trail to Ranwick Rock

We can also take you on any of the trail systems found in Lake Superior Provincial Park.

  • Awausse Trail
  • Sand River
  • Coastal Trail

Cost: Depends on group size.


How To Stake a Mining Claim

In this two day course we will teach you how to stake a mining claim.

  • Day 1: We begin next to the Chippewa River and go over the theory of staking a mining claim, using maps, and reviewing Government regulations.
  • Day 2: We head out to the field to check out a 400x400 mining claim. If you have your prospector's licence we might even stake your claim.

Cost: $250.00/person.

Participants are not required to have a prospectors licence, although it might be handy if we find some gold in the Chippewa River. Prospector licences are available at SERVICE ONTARIO Offices.


Paragliding Adventures

We offer Paragliding trips to Empire Bluff, San Diego, Chile and Peru.

Basic techniques can be taught here in Sault Ste. Marie at the local sledding hill.


Introduction To Prospecting Course

Join us for a 2-day course where you learn the basics of Prospecting.

  • Day 1: We begin in Batchawana Bay at our office by reviewing what is needed to go prospecting. We check out some of the interesting discoveries that we have made in our prospecting career. From here we head out to a local copper showing and YOU start your first traverse. You learn how to mark samples and identify minerals.
  • Day 2: We head out to prospect, but this time we introduce you to a VLF EM-16 instrument which can detect mineral occurences. In the afternoon we teach you how to plot up your field data and download your samples and geophysical data.

This course is for the complete beginner. Enrolled students will be given an Introduction to Prospecting manual before the course begins.

Cost: $250.00/person for the weekend.



We are offering this course through the  Sault College Continuing Education department . Contact the College to register

Peruvian Climbing & Trekking Expeditions

Contact us for information about our Peru adventures.