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Rock Climbing Guide to River bend Rock, Short But Sassy Wall, T Wall and J Wall (1st Edition) Spring 2024

The second edition of the Riverbend Rock Guidebook will have many new routes added since 2012. Drone photos will show the rock route lines. 

In addition, there will be information on the Short But Sassy Rock wall, T Wall and J Wall  which lie 150 meters from Riverbend Rock on Mile 38 road.

Rock Climbers Guide to Ranwick Rock, Keetes Bluff and Kitty Wall (1st Edition) Spring 2024

Ranwick Rock has been a climbing area since 1999. This new first  edition guidebook will feature more new climbs and drone images of the 4 main buttresses that are composed of solid crystalline granite. It will also have info on Keetes Bluff and the New KITTY WALL

Ice Climber’s Guide to Agawa Canyon (4th Edition) January 2024

Ice climbing started in Agawa Canyon in the mid 1980’s.

Shaun Parent has spent more than 350 days in the Canyon since 1986, developing 146 separate ice climbs.

The upcoming Guidebook will be the newest update to the previous 4 Agawa Guidebooks.

Ice Climbers Guide to Mile 38 Road Batchawana Bay (17th Edition) January 2024

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Ice Climbers Guide to Cerro De Hielo (Mamaise Mountain) Batchawana Bay  (18th Edition) January 2024

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Ice Climbers Guide to Montreal River Harbour (21st Edition) January 2024

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